How to sell industrial equipment

Industrial equipment sells industrial parts or components, like electronics and computer components.

The key is finding the right person who can understand your market and get you the parts and tools you need to build your own products.

For instance, the right tool can go a long way toward making your work more productive.

Here’s how to find a skilled, experienced industrial engineer.

Learn more about hiring and employment at The American Institute of Certified Industrial Engineers.

Read more The following are some common questions that industrial engineers are asked: What kind of skills are required to be an industrial engineer?

Are you interested in working in the business of engineering?

What skills do you need?

What are the skills you need for industrial manufacturing?

Are there any trade-offs?

Do you have the time or the money to dedicate to building your own business?

Is it an investment?

Are the trades difficult?

Are your parents or relatives interested in your career?

Do they have experience in the trades?

How would you build your business if you did it yourself?

What is your biggest challenge as an industrial contractor?

What advice would you give an industrial designer or engineer?

How much time do you have to devote to your career, and how much is time that is needed for your family and friends?

What do you want to achieve with your business?

How long do you think you will be with the company?

How many people are in the company, and what are their hours?

What would you do differently to build a business?

Can you help me identify skills that will help me succeed as an Industrial Engineer?

What about a business owner who is interested in developing their own industrial products?

What kinds of products would you need and how would you market them?

What kind are you interested the most in?

What tools do you use to design, build, and repair industrial products and services?

What types of skills would you use for your business, and where are you at in your learning curve?

You can also see more answers to common questions on the American Institute’s website.

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If you’re interested in building software for your products, the American Institutes for Certified Industrial Engineering offers training in business administration and software development.

For more information, call (800) 783-6272 or email [email protected]

Learn about industrial equipment sales: Are your parts and/or components sold by someone else?

Do your parts or component suppliers sell directly to consumers?

If so, how do you market your products?

Learn more: For more on the skills that are required for a skilled industrial engineer, see the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Industrial Engineering Skills Guide.

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