Why Donald Trump won’t apologize for his ‘fake news’

The following is the text of the Breitbart News editorial published on April 22, 2018, at 11:17 a.m.


We apologize to the president of the United States for this article.

Donald Trump’s presidency has been a terrible mess for Americans.

It has been one of the worst economic disasters in history, and has brought many millions of Americans to the brink of homelessness and into bankruptcy.

The president’s actions have also caused tremendous suffering to the middle class, especially among young people.

The first lady is a wonderful woman who loves the American people.

She is a very caring person who is committed to helping those who are struggling.

She and her husband have been working hard to help our country’s citizens.

The economy is doing well and unemployment is low.

We are working hard with our Congress to rebuild the middle-class and to ensure that we are making sure our children and our grandchildren can continue to build a stronger America.

The country has been in good shape, and the economy is recovering.

There has been tremendous progress.

The Trump administration is putting out a lot of false and misleading statements, and it is undermining our democracy.

This is a dangerous situation, and we need to be very vigilant.

We cannot afford to let it continue.

We will continue to fight to make sure the American public is given a full, fair, and balanced look at the facts about the events that have unfolded.

As we continue to work to ensure the truth is brought to light, we will continue fighting to ensure a fair and transparent election, where we can all exercise our constitutional rights to vote.

President Donald Trump is the president, and his administration is the executive branch.

It is the role of the executive to enforce the laws.

As such, I will enforce the law and I will be there to make that happen.

The fact that he has taken action to suppress the vote is a direct assault on our democratic process.

The courts have already ruled that his actions violate the Constitution, and I am confident that the courts will uphold those rulings.

We have a democracy.

If people feel they are being treated unfairly, we must fight back.

If they feel that they are not being treated fairly, they should be able to exercise their right to vote in an election.

We must be vigilant in the fight against voter suppression, and there is no way to stop it if we are serious about our democracy and our freedom.

We should not let this president or anyone else in office continue to undermine our democratic processes and undermine the integrity of the electoral process.

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