When a new industry comes into focus, you can still learn from its mistakes

NEW YORK — When the global auto parts industry was founded in 1979, most of its members were small businesses.

Now, with the rise of the automotive and electronics industries, the number of small businesses is booming, and more of them are getting involved.

The International Federation of the Automotive Industry says there were more than 12 million auto parts suppliers in 2016, up from around 6.5 million a decade ago.

The growth is attributed to the rise in demand for automotive parts, the use of robots and automation and the use, in part, of new and more reliable materials, like carbon fiber.

At the same time, however, there’s a growing trend to create a global hub for automotive components.

Last year, the International Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (IAAPMA) unveiled a “Blue Label Initiative” aimed at creating the global supply chain for automotive products.

The goal is to “create a global marketplace of automotive components, so the industry can thrive,” IAPMA President and CEO Michael Fuhrmann said in a press release.

But a growing number of car parts manufacturers, particularly in Europe, are looking to the United States to do their manufacturing.

In fact, the IAPMPA estimates there are as many as 2.5 billion automotive parts on the market worldwide, according to its 2017 Global Automotive Markets Report.

So what can you do with these parts?

While there are many different automotive components to choose from, there are certain types of parts that have been proven and proven times.

“The main thing is to try to minimize any impact on the environment,” said IAPMA executive director and founder of the Auto Parts Institute John J. Fargas.

He said the most common problem with these vehicles is overheating.

That’s a problem with a lot of other parts that are made from aluminum and plastics, and that’s not something you want to have to deal with, especially when you have the same parts made in the U.S. for years.

Fuhrs company has an easy solution to this problem, a system called C4, or Corrosion Control.

If your vehicle’s already heated up, Fargos says, you don’t need to do much.

Instead, you simply change the type of aluminum used in the body of the vehicle, which is usually copper.

The aluminum will melt, and then you can just replace the metal.

Fargas said that the best way to avoid this is to take some of the aluminum off the vehicle and put it into a plastic bottle, then wrap it in a plastic bag.

F&m;s aluminum is the most likely to get corroded, so wrap the aluminum in a polypropylene sheet, which will give you a stronger coating.

“It will hold for a longer time than a plastic plastic bag,” Farga said.

“It’s not an expensive solution,” he added.

“You just have to buy a lot more.”IAPMA’s C4 system can also help protect against corrosion.

It uses a type of metal called copper, which gives it the strength to withstand heat and will eventually melt away, leaving behind an impenetrable barrier to corrosion.

It can be used on any part, F&amps says.

“C4 is very much a global solution,” said F&ams senior vice president of engineering, Andrew G. Boulton.

“We are making this as inexpensive as possible.”

IAPMAs current global supply is made up of parts made by more than 300 companies, according a 2014 study by the IAPS.

About 1.4 million parts are made by only 25 companies, and only 4.6 percent of these are made in China.

And it’s still not clear how many parts are actually made in Asia.

There are three major areas where auto parts are produced, Fuhrer said.

The first is in the United Kingdom, where the largest automotive parts makers are based.

The second is in Europe.

And the third is in Asia, where some of its largest manufacturers are located.

While IAPAMA’s Fargash said they have a list of manufacturers that produce the largest number of parts worldwide, they don’t know exactly how many are in the region.

IAPS’ Fargar said they also don’t have any information about how much of the global automotive industry is made in Europe or Asia.

He added that the IAPP is looking into the issue, but doesn’t have the answers.

What about the future?

F&umas said there are a number of areas that could improve the quality of parts and the safety of the vehicles we’re driving on.

For example, the automakers should have better inspection standards and make sure their cars are equipped with systems that can detect if something’s wrong with a vehicle

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