How to deal with your garden pests

Garden pest control services in Windsor could be getting cheaper and faster.

An official with the county council said there were plans to introduce a new system of “parasitic control” which could see the pest control system be able to “easily be accessed” from the council offices.

This will be in place for the first time next year.

It is the first step in an effort to modernise the system of pest control in Windsor.

The plan is for the system to be in operation by the end of 2019.

“The first phase of the system will be implemented in 2019 and will include a parasitical control system which is designed to be easy to access and use,” the council said in a statement.

Parasitical controls will allow the use of an electronic system to control the insects, pests and weeds in a house and garden.

In addition, they will also include a system of monitoring of the house and its surroundings.

A spokesman for the council, said: “This new system will ensure that pests and disease can be controlled more effectively.

We want to be able be the pest-control service that can keep our neighbours and community in a good state of health and wellbeing.

Our priority is to keep people safe, and we will be working closely with local council to provide the best possible service.”

It will also provide an opportunity to see if there is a need for an update to the current system.

“The spokesman said there was a need to “improve the management of the pest problem in the Windsor area”.

The council said it was looking at the best technology to assist in the operation of the new system, and “in the short term this could be a new model of pest management that is simpler and easier to use.”

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