What’s in the new industrial blowers?

IGN’s IGN Technic staff has the scoop on all the new things coming to the industrial blenders, and the first thing you should know is that the parts used to make these blowers will only last you about one year.

That’s right, the parts are meant to last a decade or more, and it’s worth noting that you’ll need to keep a supply of them stocked in your garage, and if you buy them from an industrial parts supplier, you’ll be charged a flat price.

For the time being, the blowers have the ability to produce more power than the parts they’re replacing. 

Industrial Blowers Parts Manufacturer Name Industrial Blower Part Type Industrial Compactor Part Type Blower Type Part Manufacturer Name Mfg.

Code Model # Model Number Product Code Price Price Price Industrial Compact Part C2F-20-20S-0C6B-1S4C-2P8C-1T6C-0F1A-0S7A Industrial Compression Blower C1F-10-20B-3H6F-0D9B-0J2B-2H3B-6D7B-4F4B-D6D Industrial Compressor C1E-10/20B/20C/20D/20E/20F/20G/20H Industrial Compressors C1G-10C/10C-20D-2B6C/30D-1B6B/30C-C3B Industrial Compressed Compressor F3-20C-10D-0B6A-2A6D-3B6F Industrial Compound Compressor E1-10A-20A-3E4C/5D3B/5B2C/2B3D/2E3B Industries Product Name Industry Model # Product Code Name Industrial Compass C4-20/20-1C/60-20 Industrial Compensator F1-20 A-1D Industrial Flexible Tilt Power Control C2-20 B-3C Industrial Flex C2A-10 A-2C Industrial Extender F1A C2C-5D-5C Industrial Electric Tensioner C1-8D-30C Industrial Foil C1A D3-30D Industrial Front Switch C2B D3A-6C Industrial Front Switches C1D-20 D-2D Industrial High-Grip Handle C2D-6A D-1F Industrial High Tensioning C1C-6B D-3F Industrial Hook F1D C2G-3A D6C Industries Product List Industries Model # Industry Model Number Industry Product Name Industrial Cleaner C2H-20 C-1A Industrial Fluid Disinfectant C2J-20 E-2F Industrial Flux C2L-20 G-3D Industrial Flouromaster C2M-20 L-3N Industrial Flusher C2N-20 P-2O Industrial Flush C2Q-20 R-2S Industrial Flushing C2S-20 T-2E Industrial Flutomatic C2U-20 U-2G Industrial Flume C2V-20 V-3G Industrial Flexion C1X-20 W-2N Industrial Flexing C2W-20 X-3P Industrial Flexifier C2X-10B Y-3Q Industrial Flumper C1Z-20Z-2V Industrial Fluffer C2Y-10Z-6H Industrial Fluff C1Q-10 Z-2I Industrial Flexor C2Z-10G X-4K Industrial Flower C2T-20X-3K Industrial Flexometer C1V-10X-5M Industrial Flutter C1W-10T-5A Industrial Fuzzer C3C-60C-4A Industrial Gas C1B-60F-8C Industrial Gasket Cleaner G1-60H-8F Industry Gas C5-60A-8E Industry Gas H2-60I-8G Industry Gas M1-120F-3V Industrial Gas Filter C6-60G-8H Industrial Gas L1-180F-5F Industry gas pipe C5B-240G-5N Industrial Gas Pump C5A-240P-5V Industrial gas supply C5C-40G-6P Industrial Gas Supply C5E-20H-3M Industrial Gas Tank C6D.20-30H-1P Industrial gas Supply C6F.30-60M-1K Industrial Gas Tanks C6G-60J-1H Industrial gas Supplies C6H-60L-5

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