A lot of this information is just going to be on the surface

Most of the info on the new jobs report is going to go away, but here’s a rundown of what’s been revealed so far:1.

Construction jobs fell by 13,000 over the past year.

They were up by 20,000 during the first three months of the year, so the numbers are trending in the right direction.2.

Manufacturing fell by 3,000.

Manufacturing employment has been trending down for a while now, but that trend is starting to reverse as companies ramp up production.3.

Retail, hotels and restaurants jobs increased by 1,500 over the last year.

The retail sector is a big one, and the jobs report shows that growth is slowing down as companies focus on higher-margin products and services.4.

Homecare and personal care and household services employment increased by 3.5% over the same period, but it’s hard to tell if the growth is actually going to reverse.5.

Retail trade and construction industry jobs fell, with retail sales down 1,400.

That’s a pretty good indicator that retail is starting the year in the doldrums.6.

Health care, mental health and drug and medical devices employment rose by 3% over last year, but those jobs are likely to pick up in the coming months.7.

Healthcare and health care services employment is growing at a healthy pace, and it’s only getting bigger as the health care sector continues to expand.8.

The hospitality and hospitality-related industries were up 2,000 last year and are expected to continue to grow.9.

Automotive manufacturing employment is rising at a solid clip, with a 7% increase in auto sales.10.

Health insurance and health services employment growth is picking up as the Affordable Care Act is enacted, but the number of uninsured people has remained stubbornly high at 9.5 million.11.

The pharmaceuticals industry is expected to expand, but there’s little to indicate that it will be able to match its growth of last year when it posted a whopping 10% increase.12.

Home building and construction is expected of slowing down.

The average price of a home is increasing by an average of 3% annually over the next few years, but this report is just a peek at the next steps.13.

The auto industry is growing in its second quarter, and while it’s down from its record high in 2017, it’s still up by 3%.14.

Health and personal services jobs were down by 10,000, but more importantly, they’re down by 6,000 on a year-over-year basis.15.

Manufacturing was up by 2,500 during the holiday season, but in the first quarter it only saw a gain of 0.1%.16.

Professional, scientific and technical services employment grew by 5,000 in the quarter, but overall the jobs market is in decline.17.

The software and information technology industry is up by 4,000 and is expected do well over the coming quarters.18.

Retail sales rose by 4.5%, but it is hard to see the numbers picking up in coming months as retailers are focusing on higher margin products and the increasing popularity of discount retailers.19.

Insurance and health insurance employment increased 1,000 this year.20.

The construction industry is looking good, but as construction jobs continue to trend downward, the report says that will slow down as the industry focuses on higher quality construction and remodeling.21.

Home health care and personal health care is up 3% and is up 2% year over year.22.

Health education and health education and social services employment was up 1,200.23.

Home repairs and home improvement and home renovation services are up 3,600, but most of those jobs will be down in the next three to four years.24.

Retail trades and construction was up 6,800.25.

Manufacturing jobs were up 4,500.26.

The healthcare, nursing and social assistance sectors were up 1.2% over a year ago.27.

Health technology is up 9% over year ago and is on track to grow even faster.28.

Retail exports and exports of consumer electronics are up 5% and manufacturing is up 6%.29.

Manufacturing is up 7% over five years.30.

Retail is growing by 7% in the year-to-date, which is the fastest pace in more than a decade.31.

Health services employment in the healthcare sector is on the rise, and is also expected to grow by 3%, but many sectors in the health services industry are still in recession.32.

Healthcare spending in the past two years is up, but not by much.

The spending growth has been a bit slow, but if you look at the longer term picture, the increase in spending over the five-year period is going up faster than in the previous five-to 12-year span.33.

The financial services industry is booming, and jobs in that

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