Month: August 2021

Which Industrial Parts Cleaning Companies are Right for Your Job?

Part cleaning has been the lifeblood of the industrial crane industry for decades.However, in recent years, the industry has faced challenges in terms of automation and environmental standards.This is largely due to the use of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which has caused the fracking industry to move from the extraction of natural gas to the […]

US Senate passes $5bn to fund industrial recycling parts

The US Senate has passed a $5 billion bill to support industrial recycling, a critical step in a national effort to clean up the nation’s hazardous waste.The $5.6 billion Industrial Recycling and Waste Recovery Act (IRWFRA) will support industrial recyclers that meet certain criteria and be able to process and dispose of waste products in […]

How to make your truck parts part again

Parts industry officials say that there’s a shortage of parts in the United States.A shortage of trucks is an issue in other parts markets, too.That’s because many parts companies rely on the government for supplies, and many are located overseas.Some manufacturers have said they don’t have enough truck parts suppliers.But, the problem in the U.S. […]

Which industrial refrigerators are best for food production?

Industrial refrigerators like the ones we use in restaurants and bars make up a large part of the world’s food supply.They can be incredibly efficient, but there are some parts of them that are best suited to different uses, including farming.The best industrial refrigerator for your production depends on your location, though.Here are the main […]

What you need to know about the NHL’s suspension, penalties and the expansion draft

The NHL will not begin issuing suspensions and fines for the first time in six years when it opens its new expansion draft next week.The league will suspend the salary cap for the duration of the season, and players will have until April 25 to appeal suspensions for the rest of the year.The players’ association […]

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