‘Criminally Unfit for Work’ – The worst job in Britain

The best jobs in Britain are becoming increasingly scarce, with thousands of manufacturing jobs disappearing amid rising costs of living and a lack of skills in the new manufacturing boom.

The government has slashed the minimum wage to £7.50 an hour from £9, and is pushing to increase the amount workers can earn through training.

The impact on manufacturing is being felt most dramatically in the north of England, where the government has cut the number of jobs available to manufacturing workers by 40%.

The manufacturing sector accounts for the bulk of the UK’s overall economy, and employs more than half the UK workforce.

As a result, the country’s workforce is expected to shrink by 1.6 million people between 2021 and 2030, the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) says.

In the south, there is concern that the North East will see the greatest impact of the cutbacks in the next five years.

Manufacturing in the North West, in the heart of the industrial heartlands, has suffered the most.

The region is home to manufacturing, a key component of the countrys economic growth and employs almost half of all manufacturing workers.

There are currently around 200,000 jobs in the region, but according to the NIESR, the total employment will fall by just 4,000 by 2032.

This will mean a reduction of more than 4.4 million jobs across the country.

“The region is one of the fastest growing manufacturing hubs in the UK, and in 2020, it will have nearly 20,000 new manufacturing jobs,” said NIESr director of research and analysis, Professor Stephen O’Sullivan.

“However, the North-West is also home to the largest concentration of people employed in the construction and quarrying industries, which have both seen their productivity and jobs fall over the last decade.”

The South West and the Midlands are also in the middle of the cuts.

The South is home for almost 80 per cent of the construction work in the country, but is expected not to be as affected as the North, with just 3,500 jobs expected to be lost in 2021.

In 2016, the government announced plans to slash the number to 2,500 by 2026, with the job losses expected to reach 8,000 in 2033.

The Midlands and the North of England are also likely to be hit hard by the new measures, with an estimated 1.5 million jobs in these regions expected to disappear over the next decade.

In 2019, the UK was one of only a few countries that still had manufacturing employment in its unemployment rate.

In 2021, it was one in five jobs.

However, the new job figures are likely to mean that manufacturing will remain the UKs main industry for years to come, with many jobs remaining in the manufacturing sector.

However the new government’s plans have been met with mixed reactions.

The British Chambers of Commerce has welcomed the move to increase manufacturing jobs, but said the measures were a “sad day for jobs and the manufacturing industry”.

“The government’s actions are overdue and must be supported by industry to get our economy back on track,” said the BCC chief executive, Tim Boulter.

“We hope the new Government will reverse the cuts in 2021, which will mean more investment in new industries such as the automotive industry, energy, manufacturing and construction, as well as support for new and expanding trade and investment.”

Industry groups, including the UK Manufacturing Association (UKMA), have been critical of the government’s proposals, saying they would damage the industry.

“If the Government’s plan is to achieve its stated aim of doubling UK manufacturing jobs by 2023, then we must now look at a long-term economic plan that includes our biggest and most dynamic manufacturing base in the south-east of England,” said UKMA chief executive Ian Cairns.

In the past, the number in the factory sector was forecast to grow by about 40,000 people by 2030. “

With this policy, it is likely that our largest industry will be further weakened in the years to follow.”

In the past, the number in the factory sector was forecast to grow by about 40,000 people by 2030.

But as manufacturing jobs in general have declined over the past five years, the numbers in the automotive sector have also shrunk by a similar amount.

The number of manufacturing workers has been cut by more than two-thirds in the past decade, with more than 1.2 million jobs going to part-time and casual workers, according to NIESrs estimates.

The NIESRs projections suggest that by 2021, there will be just 1.1 million manufacturing jobs across Britain.

“For the next 10 years, we expect the manufacturing workforce to be reduced by more half, with some manufacturing jobs being eliminated by 2022, as companies seek to boost productivity and reduce their reliance on temporary staff,” the NIErs

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