Industrial oven parts manufacturer ‘will be allowed to sell its products in Australia’

Industrial oven part maker Industrial Air Parts Australia will be allowed in Australia, a company spokesperson said on Wednesday, after the Federal Government’s proposed changes to the country’s import laws.

Key points:The company will be able to import industrial oven components from Australia, the company saysThe Federal Government has ruled out a mandatory import of industrial oven part from the US, a move that would effectively shut down the industry, industry experts sayThe Federal government has ruled this out, with the Government arguing that it will be better for Australia to remain competitive with US suppliers.

Industrial Air Parts manufactures industrial air parts and industrial air separators for aircraft and industrial use.

Industry experts say a requirement to import all parts manufactured in Australia would be a significant disruption for Australian manufacturers.

“We would not be able as a company to operate,” said Dr Chris Kasten, senior lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney’s Business School.

“If we have to close our business in the US we will be forced to go and buy parts from Australia.”

That is a real deterrent to investment in the country.

“The Government has said it will only import parts manufactured by US-based companies, but not parts manufactured overseas.”

Australian companies can still compete with our own products, and we will continue to support them as long as we have the capability to do so,” the Government said in a statement.”

Importing Australian parts is not only good for our economy, it is also a vital tool for protecting the health and safety of Australians and the global supply chain.

“This Government will be reviewing the current rules for industrial air part imports.”

Industry groups welcomed the announcement.

“The Federal Supply Management Agency will be a key partner in ensuring the safety of our vital industry,” said Industry Australia spokesman David Parnell.

“Australia’s leading industrial air manufacturers and suppliers are working closely with Australian regulators to ensure the safety and quality of our products.”‘

The best option’Industrial oven parts are used in many of Australia’s commercial aircraft, industrial vehicles and industrial equipment.

Industries in the aviation, aerospace and automotive sectors rely on the parts for the safety, performance and longevity of their products.

Dr Parnells’ research indicates that a mandatory Australian import of parts from the United States would be detrimental to Australia’s manufacturing industry.

“A mandatory import would be bad for our industry,” he said.

“I don’t know what the future would bring for us but the best option for us would be to import from Australia.”

Mr Parnes said the Government’s import ban would make it harder for Australian aerospace and aerospace related companies to compete in the global market.

“There is no doubt that the Federal Supply Administration has been a critical player in helping to ensure our industry is competitive in the Asia Pacific region,” he added.

“It is vital that we keep them involved in this important market.”

Industrial parts maker IndustrialAirParts Australia will continue selling its products to the Kastens said he believed that Australia was “one of the best places in the world” for industrial aviation parts manufacturing.

“In Australia, we have a really good reputation,” he told RN Breakfast.

“As a manufacturer, we would not want to be part of any other country, we’re a major player here in Australia.”


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