Month: September 2021

How to Get Rid of a Broken Cart Parts Manufacturing Part

If you want to see the part you’re after, try searching online for industrial cart, industrial shredder, industrial crane parts, or industrial crane components.But you’ll need to look for them by hand.The first time you look, the part may not be the one you’re looking for.There are several reasons for this.The parts are often very […]

Why GE is buying the Holtz Industry Parts division

Parts and accessories for industrial, aerospace and defense applications are among the hottest technology trends of the 21st century.And the companies that manufacture these parts, known as Holtz Industries, are also among the most valuable, with an estimated value of $1.2 trillion.The company was founded by John Holtz, who founded the company in 1962.He died […]

How to design a $6.6 billion industrial automation system in a year

The world of advanced manufacturing is in flux.Companies are working on new technologies, adding new manufacturing technologies and expanding their operations, while expanding into new markets.In 2017, there were more than 1,600 advanced manufacturing plants and 3,500 new plants, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.These plants employ about 7 percent of the workforce.But […]

Amazon and Marshall Industries have signed an agreement to create a joint venture to build a new energy infrastructure and industrial base in the U.S.

Amazon has signed a deal with Marshall Industries to create what it calls a “new infrastructure and manufacturing base” in the United States, according to a Bloomberg report.The deal is a partnership between the two companies that will be announced on March 15.Marshall will provide capital and technical assistance, the company said in a statement.It […]

What the heck is the Bolland Brand?

The brand name for the Chinese steel producer that makes steel for Boeing, is Bolland.Bolland is a trademarked company that was registered by the Chinese government in 1993.It is one of a handful of trademarks the Chinese have issued, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.Bertie M. Johnson is the chief executive of Bolland […]

I’ve made it to the top of the industrial parts subreddit

industrial parts is an important part of our industry.It provides essential parts to keep our companies running and our workers happy.We need them for our factories and our shops.But we don’t have them here in Germany.That’s why we have to create a site dedicated to the manufacturing industry in Germany and to make parts available […]

How to get all your industrial parts into the cloud

The next wave of tech products will require a lot of energy and materials.The world is getting smarter and more complex, and manufacturing has always been a major source of those materials.That’s why companies are working on a new generation of manufacturing, with an emphasis on manufacturing in the cloud.But that’s not the only way […]

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