When will it stop? Automation will save the auto industry, the industry’s CEO says

The global auto industry will soon have less than 2% of the jobs lost in the last decade as the rise of automation, artificial intelligence and robots replaces many workers.

But when will it come to a tipping point when automation is so cheap that it is no longer a necessity?

Will the industry eventually be able to cut costs and automate its processes?

That’s the question that the CEOs of several auto parts manufacturers and suppliers are asking.

In a series of interviews, the CEOs, including GM’s Mike Maguire, Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne and Ford’s Mark Fields, also shared how they see the industry evolving as the economy improves.

Automation has a big impact on manufacturing because it helps make it cheaper to manufacture products, but it has also been a boon for the overall economy.

Automation is also helping consumers by helping them buy cars cheaper.

Automakers are not necessarily going to be as cheap as they used to be because the manufacturing process is so complex.

But a lot of the growth is being driven by demand for parts that are not just parts.

For example, the new-car market has a lot more components.

But as demand for those parts increases, the cost of parts will also increase.

We are also seeing a lot less demand for labor.

I think there will be a shift in the auto manufacturing industry to use robots, and there is going to have to be a transition in the industry to do that.

When will it start?

In some ways, the answer is still, no one knows.

We are still a ways away from automation, and we are not there yet.

But the data is very clear that it will happen soon, maybe by 2025 or 2021.

The data is pretty clear that automation will help us.

And we will get there.

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