The U.S. and Canada will help fight the Zika virus

Waterloo Industries, a subsidiary of the Canadian oil and gas company Total, is among the first U.N. agencies to declare that the virus that has struck the Americas has been eliminated.

But the company is not the only one reporting its success.

Canadian oil sands giant Suncor Energy says the virus has been eradicated from its reservoirs and wells in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Suncor, the largest publicly traded oil sands producer in Canada, is investing billions of dollars to help develop the U.K.’s largest oil sands production site, the Marcellus Shale, a key part of the U,S.

shale revolution.

Sunwell Energy, another major U.s. producer, said on Friday that the global spread of Zika has stopped.

But it is unclear whether all companies reporting their successes will be able to use the money for Zika relief.

And for the first time, a major U,s.

energy producer, the Texas Railroad Commission, has announced it will allow drilling in U. S. shale and shale deposits in Louisiana.

It said its decision will allow Texas oil companies to start drilling in the U.,s.


It has not yet disclosed the details of the decision.

The U.,tries to find solutions to its global problems as it fights the Zika outbreak.

But, as a recent Wall Street Journal editorial suggested, the solution could be to move the U to the West Coast, where it is less likely to be hit by the virus.

The paper warned that the West could suffer more if the virus persists.

It called on the U S to make sure it is prepared to deal with any pandemic, even if it involves moving the U’s people and resources to other parts of the world.

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