What you need to know about fimcos parts

Industry Canada said Monday that fimcorp is expanding its manufacturing operations in Waterloo.

The company is expanding to three new plants in Waterloo, Ottawa and Winnipeg, the company said in a release.

“We’re pleased to announce that our new Waterloo facilities will be equipped to manufacture fimcomparts in-house.

This will allow us to bring a more robust and efficient supply chain to our customers, and provide them with quality and cost-effective fimcoat products in a cost-efficient manner,” Fimcorps vice-president of corporate communications Mike O’Brien said in the release.

Industry Canada has been testing the new plant since late September.

In October, fimcon released its annual forecast.

Fimco expects to report quarterly earnings in February and earnings in March.

Industry Minister Navdeep Bains said last month that the government is investing $3.3 billion in fimconn’s factories and is looking for other companies to come in and take advantage of the investments.

Industry said it is also expanding fimcostco’s operations in Winnipeg and Ottawa.

The government has committed $15 million to a pilot project to test the new fim costco plants in Winnipeg.


In December, the Waterloo-based company raised $20 million in venture capital from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Capital Markets.

The investment comes after years of investments in Waterloo-area factories and has helped fimcorp meet some of the company’s toughest financial challenges, including a downturn in the housing market and a decline in the value of the stock market.

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