Apple’s CEO speaks on his vision for the future of the tech industry

The man behind Apple’s $8 billion sale of its troubled smartphone business and the next generation of its iPhones has said that the future is bright for the tech world, and that the world is his home.

In an interview with The Verge published Tuesday, Steve Jobs told the publication that he believes that the technology industry will grow at a “gigantic pace” over the next few years and that it will become a world leader in the field of autonomous vehicles.

Jobs said that his goal was to create a “perfect society,” a society that works well for everyone, Jobs said.

But the future, he added, is bright, and he sees an exciting future.

“What you see today, I see the future,” Jobs said, describing the future as a society where “you don’t have to have a job, and you don’t need a car.

It’s a world where you can go to a coffee shop, a park, a coffeehouse and be at your computer all day long, and I see it as a pretty exciting future.”

Jobs, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2016, is credited with helping to usher in the next wave of the technology revolution.

He helped build the first iPhone, the iPhone 4, and helped create Apple Pay, which lets you pay with your iPhone.

In the same interview, Jobs was asked about the future in terms of artificial intelligence, and how it might affect the future jobs market.

He responded with an anecdote:When I was growing up, I remember one of the teachers used to have us watch a show called “The Wonder Years,” which was about the adventures of Wonder Woman and Superman, and they did a story about a guy named Ray Palmer, who is the protagonist of “Wonder Woman.”

And he comes home one day and finds out that the Wonder Woman he’s looking for is the woman he married and they had a daughter together, who died a few months later.

So Ray’s just sort of sad.

And the next day, the Wonder Man says, “Well, what did I do wrong?”

And Ray said, “I’m going to take her home, and then I’m going play with her in the park.

And I’m gonna tell her, ‘Don’t tell anyone.’

I’m not going to go to work.

And she’s going to say, ‘I love you.

I miss you.

But I love my daughter more than my husband.’

And then she’ll die.”

Jabs also said that artificial intelligence is an “exciting” topic and that there are some “interesting” things happening.

He said he hopes that AI can help the economy.

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