How to make your own waterloo beer, a guide

Waterloo is home to one of the world’s most beautiful lakes, but many of its residents still prefer to drink their beer on the side of the road.

That’s because many breweries in the city have been closed and shuttered, meaning they have no longer a place to sell beer.

Now, they can.

Here are the steps to getting your own homemade beer.


Get a bottle of beer 1.

Make sure the bottle is clean, as this is when the yeast fermentation starts.

You will need a clean, sealed bottle.

You can use the disposable bottle, a plastic bottle, or even a reusable one, as long as it is plastic.

It should be clear.

You may need to fill it up with a little water, which is fine.


Take a lid and set it over the bottle.

Fill the bottle up, making sure to keep it clean, and then turn it over.


Keep the lid over the beer and turn it back over and over until it’s completely empty.

It’s important to keep the lid in the bottle as this will help the yeast to grow.


Once the yeast has completed its growth process, remove the lid and place it on a clean surface.

Use a spoon or a knife to gently crush the yeast.

The yeast will release a liquid, which will keep the bottle clean and prevent it from drying out.


Make a pint This will be a lot easier if you have a small, flat surface and a bowl to pour the beer on.

A flat, round surface helps to avoid the chance of any clumps forming in the beer.


Take the beer out and put it on the surface.

Be sure to cover the bottle with a damp towel.

Pour the beer into the bottle and fill it with water.


Take out the lid, remove your spoon, and carefully pour the water into the beer bottle.

The liquid will form a ball and start to flow.


Pour it into the bowl and repeat until the beer is completely poured.

Be careful to avoid pouring too much beer.


Pour beer into a mug or a plastic bag and place the lid on top.

You could also make a funnel using a large piece of cardboard.


Add a little extra water to the top of the beer, to help keep the beer cool and prevent clumps from forming.

If you want to use a glass or plastic container, add a little more water to keep your beer from dripping.


Enjoy your beer!

You can also use a plastic spoon to scoop the beer up.

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