When a factory in China makes aluminum and steel parts, you’re not buying the same products as you would in the US, the head of a US company told the Guardian.The

is excerpted from an article that appeared on the Guardian website on Thursday.

The article is entitled “China’s steel and aluminum factories are making the same stuff as America’s, but the products are produced in far smaller quantities”.

The article begins by describing how Chinese factories churn out aluminum and “alloys”.

The article says that aluminum is being manufactured in a huge facility that is owned by the Chinese government, with a capacity of 3 million tons a year.

The Chinese government has said that the production capacity is about 60,000 tons a day, with about 1 million tons being made in the first half of this year.

The piece goes on to describe a story in which Chinese workers are told that the steel and “aluminum” produced in their factories will be “in the same range of quality” as the US steel and iron industries.

The story continues by saying that the workers in the Chinese factories are not being paid much more than the workers who work for the US companies.

In a phone interview with the Guardian, a senior executive with one of the largest US-based manufacturers of aluminum and aluminum alloy parts said that he was aware of the article but that he had no direct contact with the Chinese factory in question.

“I am not aware of it, and I do not know the details of the story,” said Michael Dziczek, who heads up aluminum for a leading manufacturer of aluminum alloys, Xinc Aluminum.

“That’s why I can’t comment on that story.”

A number of aluminum makers also spoke with the Washington Post.

Alcoa said it had “no information” about the article and said it was not aware that Chinese workers were working in its facilities.

The US government does not have an official record of the amount of aluminum produced in China and it has not publicly released the number of jobs that Chinese steelworkers make there.

However, the United States Steel Institute (USSI) reported that it estimated that the total number of US steelworkers employed in the aluminum and metal industry in 2013 was about 30,000, with nearly 40 percent of them in aluminum alloy and 36 percent in steel.

The Guardian article did not cite any sources that could provide any details about the employment numbers.

A spokesperson for the company that makes aluminum alloy said the information provided in the article was incorrect.

The spokesperson, Kevin Gaughan, told the Washington Examiner that he would not comment on the article, but did say that the company “does not use Chinese workers” and that the aluminum alloy produced by its facilities “has been tested and certified by USSSI”.

He said that all aluminum alloy is produced at a state-of-the-art facility in the state of New York, and that USSI “expects to continue to produce aluminum alloy at the facility”.

Gaughan said that Alcoas aluminum alloy does not use any Chinese workers and that all of its products are “in compliance with US laws and regulations”.

In a statement provided to the Examiner, USSI did not answer specific questions about the amount or nature of the US-China employment relationship, but said that its US workforce in the “Aluminum Alloy Manufacturing Sector” in the United State is “approximately 25,000”.

“We do not have direct knowledge of any employment relationship between USSI and Chinese aluminum alloy manufacturers,” the statement said.

“The company complies with all US law and regulations, including all regulations applicable to manufacturing facilities.

USSI also has strict guidelines for the handling of aluminum alloy products.

We do work closely with our supplier to ensure that we have a high-quality product and product documentation, and we also have a very strict process to ensure the safety of all our products.

As a result, USSSi has never seen any problems with our aluminum alloy manufacturing facilities.”

The Guardian said that USSA has not commented on the reported employment relationship.

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