RTE says industrial sink and ceramic parts ‘still at risk’

RTE has warned that industrial sink, ceramic and stainless steel parts still at risk of corrosion after new standards were introduced.

Key points:In March 2015, RTE raised its concerns over industrial ceramic partsRTE said it was ‘determined’ that industrial ceramic is ‘still’ at riskThe RTE guidelines state that industrial stainless steel should be used in all household appliances and dishwashersRTE says it is ‘determining’ that stainless steel is still at issue in some household appliancesThe company says that, because it has not seen any evidence of corrosion on its industrial ceramic, the company “continues to be in the position to provide information to the consumer about this issue”.

“It is our understanding that the only way to ensure that industrial parts are corrosion-free is to use industrial ceramic,” RTE said in a statement.

“We have no indication that the problem is currently affecting industrial ceramic.

As a result, we do not see any reason to change our guidance.”

Industrial ceramic is a mixture of ceramic and metal that is made up of different types of components, such as stainless steel and aluminum, all of which have the potential to corrode over time.RTE found that, as part of the 2015 RTE standards, commercial stainless steel (SS) appliances should be considered to be industrial stainless, and industrial ceramic components, including ceramic sinks, ceramic bowls and ceramic dishwashes, should be classified as industrial ceramic or stainless steel.

However, RTVI and the UK government did not recommend any specific products for use in household appliances that did not meet the latest standards.

“It remains to be seen whether the industrial component problem in industrial ceramics has been resolved,” RTVC said in its statement.RTVC added that it is now in discussions with manufacturers about the issue, with the aim of finding a solution for commercial kitchen and dishwasher appliances as soon as possible.

“As we continue to be committed to making our consumer products safe, we are determined to ensure the industry remains on the safe side,” it said.

“The best way to prevent industrial corrosion in the industrial ceramic industry is to ensure industrial ceramentals are used in the commercial kitchen.”

However, it is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure all their appliances are corrosion free.

“A RTVA spokesperson said that the company had been working with manufacturers on the issue and that it had seen no indication of corrosion in commercial kitchen appliances, as far as RTV is aware.”

All of our products are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant.

All of our appliances are rated to UL 3, which means that they are approved for use,” the spokesperson said.

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