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How to get all your industrial parts into the cloud

The next wave of tech products will require a lot of energy and materials.The world is getting smarter and more complex, and manufacturing has always been a major source of those materials.That’s why companies are working on a new generation of manufacturing, with an emphasis on manufacturing in the cloud.But that’s not the only way […]

How to Build a Light-Saturated Lamp from a Braid of Braid

The industry of braid-making is booming.A new generation of braziers is making braid parts for LED light bulbs and a new generation is working on light-based lamp parts for automotive parts.The braid business is booming, too.Braid is the oldest industrial art, dating back to about 13,000 years ago.Brier is now the backbone of modern industrial […]

‘This is the most important event we have had in years’: Israeli defense minister to address the world at the annual Israel Aerospace Industries Conference

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon will attend the Israel Aerospace Industry conference at Herzliya on Monday, the country’s government said on Sunday.Yaalon is the countrys most senior Israeli official to visit Israel.Israel’s Air Force will also be represented at the event.The event, to be held on Sunday and Monday in Herzliyas headquarters, will include talks […]

How to Protect Your Health from Industrial Diesel Parts

The chemicals found in industrial diesel are dangerous and potentially life-threatening, according to a report by the Institute of Chemical Safety (ICSS).ICSS, a UK-based non-profit, said it has identified 11 industrial diesel components in industrial waste that are known to cause cancer, birth defects and other health problems.ICS’s report says the chemicals found include benzene, […]

Volvo to invest $1bn in India’s maritime sector

Volvo will invest $850m in India, where it has invested more than $700m, in a major expansion of its maritime production and service business, the company said.The new factory in the southern Indian city of Chennai will create around 1,400 jobs, it said in a statement.The new plant will also support the expansion of Volvo’s […]

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