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When a factory in China makes aluminum and steel parts, you’re not buying the same products as you would in the US, the head of a US company told the Guardian.The

is excerpted from an article that appeared on the Guardian website on Thursday.The article is entitled “China’s steel and aluminum factories are making the same stuff as America’s, but the products are produced in far smaller quantities”.The article begins by describing how Chinese factories churn out aluminum and “alloys”.The article says that aluminum is being […]

Why a Saudi-led coalition may be able to defeat Iran’s nuclear program

The Saudi-dominated coalition, known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has agreed to spend up to $1 trillion on its military, military-related projects, in an attempt to confront Iran’s missile development program and to improve its ties with the Gulf states, according to a confidential report from the Arab League.The report, released on Friday, said […]

How to Make Your Own Industrial Chiller Parts

Industrial chiller and industrial automation parts are the perfect solution for building industrial machines that run on renewable energy.However, the cost of manufacturing these parts has been increasing dramatically.We have created a step-by-step guide to making industrial chills, and we’ll walk you through the process to make them at home.1.Get the PartsYou need to assemble […]

BFS Industries parts and services company to buy part maker,Vanguard stock

The BFS Industrial Parts and Services Company (BFSICS) has entered into a definitive agreement with Vanguard Group Inc. (VGLP) to acquire the industrial parts and components company.The transaction will reduce the BFSICS group to around 80 employees, with the majority concentrated in Bulgaria and Romania, the company said.The deal was signed today and is expected […]

How to protect yourself against radiation from car parts

Some parts of the world have seen a boom in the use of car parts by people working on large-scale projects.Some experts say the process of producing the parts and their processing is a highly sensitive and potentially dangerous business, which has led to the development of new types of radiological protection measures.The United States […]

How to fix Titan parts problems

Titan Industrial Vehicle Parts (TIV) are a group of parts that comprise the automotive industry’s entire industrial vehicle manufacturing line.They are used to make vehicles, parts, and parts kits.But a growing group of consumers, including Tesla Motors and Ford Motor, are complaining about the parts and their failure to meet standards.The problems stem from the […]

How to make a smartphone without the batteries

Make sure you’re aware of your battery and make sure it has a working charging feature.The batteries in smartphones are usually replaced by a new version of the same component.In this article, we’ll take a look at the best battery techs for the smartphone and what you need to know to get your hands on […]

A Chinese manufacturer is working on a “super-fast and easy to use” industrial parts robot for factories

A Chinese company is working to develop a robot capable of “cutting, milling and assembling” a range of industrial parts.The robot will be manufactured in China and assembled in India.It will be developed in partnership with Indian and US manufacturers.In a press release, China’s Xinhua news agency said it is developing a “robotic industrial parts […]

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