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BFS Industries parts and services company to buy part maker,Vanguard stock

The BFS Industrial Parts and Services Company (BFSICS) has entered into a definitive agreement with Vanguard Group Inc. (VGLP) to acquire the industrial parts and components company.The transaction will reduce the BFSICS group to around 80 employees, with the majority concentrated in Bulgaria and Romania, the company said.The deal was signed today and is expected […]

How to spot the risks and rewards of the heavy industry parts industry

A new analysis from industry research firm BMR finds that the heavy manufacturing sector has been a boon to the global economy in recent years.But the analysis found that some sectors are still vulnerable to the downturn and are likely to see even greater declines in economic output.BMR is a non-profit organization whose members provide […]

North Dakota oil producers plan to sell at least 4,000 rigs in 2017

A North Dakota company has announced plans to sell up to 4,500 rigs in the state this year as it faces steep production declines.The Dakota Petroleum Corporation announced in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Monday that it is planning to sell 4,750 rigs by the end of the year.The company, which was […]

Why the US is a ticking time bomb for the world’s oil industry

Oil, which accounts for half the world economy, is a key part of the world oil industry.It’s the biggest export sector and a huge amount of it comes from the US.The US exports about $40bn a year to China, and $20bn to Russia.Its imports are the second-biggest and have been growing steadily for the past […]

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