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Which industrial battery makers should be a party to the Paris Agreement?

Industrial batteries are used in electric vehicles, refrigerators, solar panels and other energy-storage devices.They can help provide energy-saving features like air-conditioning or power from the grid.They are also crucial in the development of renewable energy.But the batteries that are widely used in the energy industry are often made in countries with poor labor standards.In an […]

GE says it’s now shipping GE industrial parts to Amazon

GE is shipping industrial parts from its former home in Michigan to Amazon, where they can be processed into a variety of products including refrigerators and other equipment.GE said that it will be shipping the parts to customers on Monday, the same day that it began shipping to other Amazon customers.The move comes as Amazon […]

What’s happening with industrial parts storage?

Industrial parts manufacturing and storage are on the rise, but what are the main issues that businesses face?1.Pricing and supply There is currently a glut of parts for sale.As of June 2018, there were 4,064,822 industrial parts in the UK, according to the British Association of Mechanical Engineers (BAME).The average price of a single industrial […]

When you’re the only one who wants to buy a new washing machine

When you’ve got no other choice but to buy one, you may have to wait a bit longer to buy it.As with most consumer electronics, the first time you see the phrase “industrial parts” you’re likely to see the word “parts”.But what exactly does that mean?According to the Consumer Electronics Association, industrial parts are the […]

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